Educating for Lasting Compliance

Onboarding and More

When you kick off a new project and educate everyone involved, it is easy to be lured into thinking that the work is done. The product is in place, the policy is written, and everyone can speak to the process; all the boxes are checked.  

But if you want your pre-cleaning process to outlast the initial wave of excitement, you’ll need a plan for educating that goes beyond the process roll-out. 

The most significant part of this education plan has to do with onboarding. We can easily forget that the new people who join our team weren’t around last year when we rolled out the process. Make pre-cleaning a line item on your onboarding competency: that they know how to appropriately clean at the point of use, apply the correct product, and transport the item properly.

Another aspect of education around pre-cleaning is finding creative ways to give reminders and in-services to the team members who perform the task. 

Posting signage in the instrument transport locations can be useful, but having periodic, in-person in-services on the use and benefits of a pre-treatment product can be a helpful way to keep pre-cleaning at the front of staff members’ minds.

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