Monitoring Compliance for Point of Use Cleaning


One of the most effective ways to ensure ongoing compliance with pre-cleaning is to have regular monitoring of the process through audits and feedback cycles. 

Audits can be performed by department leaders, staff pre-cleaning champions, or a 3rd party like infection prevention. Ideas for auditing would include rounding on the units where pre-cleaning is happening and observing if all steps of the pre-cleaning process are being performed correctly. 

Another type of audit would be to check a random sample instrument set in the decontamination room of Sterile Processing to see if it has been appropriately pre-cleaned. 

These audits should be scheduled, routine, and documented. Track the percentage of compliance observed in these audits so you can make adjustments as needed and recognize great performance. 

Consider using a pre-treatment product that is more visible (colored or foaming) so that it is easy to tell if an instrument has been pre-treated.

As sterile processing receives instruments from the OR and other units, they should be able to report back the percentage of compliance observed with pre-cleaning. This information can be captured in some instrument tracking systems or can be manually documented.

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