The Right Process for Pre-Cleaning

Not Just an Idea

To have a successful pre-cleaning program at your facility, pre-cleaning needs to be a process, not just an idea. Simply buying a pre-cleaning product and hanging the IFU (instructions for Use) on the wall in the soiled utility room is not going to get you to reliable success. 

When defining a workflow for pre-cleaning, think through the logistics of where it makes sense to perform the pre-cleaning so that the product will be readily accessible and the task will be easy to perform. As you define your pre-cleaning process, make sure you consider these factors:

  • Get manager and surgeon support to make time for surgical techs to wipe off debris, flush instruments, and arrange them correctly.
  • Training should include the “why” behind pre-cleaning (what makes pre-cleaning so important).
  • Training should be part of the roll-out, but also included in new employee orientations and annual competencies. Every employee who is responsible to perform pre-cleaning needs to be able to speak to the process and demonstrate it.
  • Define who will order the product and restock it.
  • Develop a plan for monitoring and feedback.
  • Create a facility-specific protocol for your pre-cleaning process.
A well thought out process encourages teamwork and reinforces compliance through time and repetition.

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