The Right Product for Pre-Cleaning

Pre-Treatment Sprays

For you to have a successful pre-cleaning program at your facility, your multi-disciplinary team should evaluate what is the right pre-cleaning product for you to use. 

There are many products on the market that will help keep instruments moist during transport, similar to covering instruments with a moistened towel. 

For the pre-treatment spray to breakdown any soil during transport, the spray requires enzymes, which not all products have.  Select an enzymatic pre-treatment spray that has been tested for active enzyme activity in real world conditions. 

If you know that there will be routine delays in transporting the instruments to decontamination (like in an off-site reprocessing center), products with enzymatic activity and anti-corrosives can help reduce the likelihood of damage to the instruments.

A good pre-treatment product can help reduce the time required in cleaning the instruments, reduces the likelihood of retained soil on the instrument, and can save a facility from having to purchase replacement instruments due to irreparable corrosion.

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