Move it, Move it: Timely Transport from Point of Use

Timely Transport

Instrument transport is so much more than getting things from point A to point B. Every consideration in instrument transport matters for protecting staff, patients, and the instruments themselves. 

After instruments have been pre-cleaned at the point-of-use, they should be transported in containers with solid sides and lids that are puncture resistant and labeled with biohazard labels. 

This is to protect staff and others from exposure to the biohazardous contents and to clearly label the contents as biohazardous. 

Transport should take place as soon as possible following use, ideally in holding for less than 1 hour. 

These transport requirements may take some creativity to implement. What kind of signs can you add to your case carts to make them clearly designated as clean or biohazardous? How will ancillary departments transport small quantities of instruments back to Sterile Processing in a puncture-resistant solid container? How will you limit holding times and transport times for units that are far away? 

In some situations, delays in reprocessing are inevitable, such as off-site reprocessing centers or overnight procedures in a hospital with a 12-hour Sterile Processing Department. In these cases, products with tested enzymatic activity and anti-corrosives will be needed.

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