Pre-Cleaning in the OR: After the Procedure

After the Procedure

After the procedure, the remainder of large tissue, bone chunks, cement, and adhesive need to be removed from the instruments. This step can be performed on the back table of the OR or in a soiled utility room.  

Any soak liquids used during the procedure need to be drained off; instruments should not be transported in soak liquids (per AAMI ST79, device IFUs, and AORN). 

Soaking liquids in the OR should be sterile water only. Saline should be avoided for any instrument soaking, as saline is corrosive to the surface of the instruments and will cause premature rusting and damage. 

Pre-cleaning treatment spray should be applied as soon as possible after the case is closed. Here are some tips for making your pre-treatment application more effective:

  • Use a solid pan under perforated or mesh trays.
  • Segregate used items on top of the instruments.
  • Focus pretreatment spray on difficult-to-clean areas, like box locks, serrated surfaces, and jointed areas.
  • Follow manufacturers’ instructions. Some products can be used at the back table.
Once gross soils have been removed from the instruments, soaking liquids have been drained off, and instruments have been treated to stay moist, the instruments need to be prepared for transport.

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