The Usual Suspects: Instruments Needing Careful Pre-Cleaning

The Usual Suspects

Pre-cleaning is a priority during and after any procedure, but there are certain categories of instruments that are particularly likely to need careful pre-cleaning.

  • Orthopedic and Neuro sets are the most likely to be contaminated with large amounts of gross soil, like bone and tissue. If you’ve ever cleaned an acetabular reamer after a Hip Arthroplasty case, you’ll know exactly what we mean.
  • Cannulated items need to be flushed at the point of use to prevent the drying of soil or the formation of biofilms. This is particularly important for endoscopes.
  • Reprocessed implants should not be allowed to have soil dry on them. In fact, many manufacturers now state that the implant cannot be used if it even comes in contact with human blood/tissue.
  • Ocular instruments require special attention because residual proteins left in the tiny cannulas can lead to TASS (Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome) in the next patient. For more information on TASS and Ocular Instrument Reprocessing, view AAMI ST79: Annex M.
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