Point of Use Cleaning, Pre-cleaning, What is it Anyway?


You say “tomayto”, I say “tomahto”; is there any difference between Point of Use Cleaning and Pre-cleaning? Both terms point to the same idea: the removal of gross soil from an instrument or device after use to prevent the hardening of debris or the formation of biofilms. The term “point-of-use cleaning” can be helpful as it identifies the ideal place for pre-cleaning to occur: at the point of use.  

Pre-cleaning is required for any instrument or device that is intended for reprocessing and cannot be immediately contained and transported for cleaning. The pre-cleaning process should keep the instrument or device moist during the transport process to prevent the hardening of soils.

Once the device has been transported to the designated decontamination area, the terminal cleaning process can begin. During the terminal cleaning process, instruments will be rinsed, disassembled and opened, and cleaned using enzymatic detergents, brushing, and mechanical washers.

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