The Mission of Device Reprocessing

The Mission

As we start our journey through Point of Use Cleaning, let’s take a look at our destination. 

As instrument reprocessors, we have two primary goals: that devices are safe for use on the next patient, and that the devices are not damaged by the process. 

Medical Device Reprocessors and users are the team that stand between hazardous pathogens and the vulnerable patients that entrust their lives to the surgical team. No mission could be more important; no calling could be higher, than the task of guarding the vulnerable from the threat of harm. 

As we look at and design our cleaning processes, train our surgery personnel, and evaluate medical devices, patient safety and quality must be at the forefront. Our cleaning process must be designed so that it will reliably produce safe instrumentation, using a means that also protects the integrity of that instrument. 

This mission highlights for us the high stakes of point-of-use cleaning. As we will discover in this 20-part series, point-of-use cleaning is the foundation of the cleaning process and kicks off the cleaning process. If we fail to appropriately begin the cleaning process at the point of use, we put both the next patient and that instrument at risk.

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