Point of Use Cleaning: The Foundation of Clean

The Cleaning Process

You’ve heard it said that “Cleaning is the most important step in reprocessing,” because what isn’t cleaned can’t be disinfected or sterilized. But cleaning isn’t a single event, it’s a process.
If you’ve worked in an instrument/device reprocessing area before, you’ll know that cleaning involves pre-cleaning, transport, rinsing, manual washing, mechanical washing, and more. 

So we ask, what is at the foundation of cleaning? What is the “most important step” of the “most important step?” In this 20-part educational series we will look at the process of pre-cleaning, and show why the initial step of pre-cleaning functions as the foundation of clean. 

So, whether you’re a technician or leader, SPD or OR, Infection Preventionist, or any other healthcare professional, learn how pre-cleaning can make all the difference in device reprocessing.

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